Privacy Policy

Eleonora Dance Studios places great importance on the security of all personal identifiable information we hold and to protect it against loss, misuse or alteration.

Your informationSELRES_aadbc157-0341-4478-b6aa-53d13dc2506aSELRES_60da8179-e15f-42c6-ba54-0e0846535036SELRES_60303cb0-796f-40a6-9f88-c8555c0fe0df will bSELRES_60303cb0-796f-40a6-9f88-c8555c0fe0dfSELRES_60da8179-e15f-42c6-ba54-0e0846535036SELRES_aadbc157-0341-4478-b6aa-53d13dc2506ae used to arrange and administer classes, to invoice you for our services, to contact you and to enter children into the Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

You have a legal right to a copy of all the personal information about you held by us. You also have a right to correct any errors in that information.

You can view our full privacy policy here: Eleonora Dance Studios – Privacy Policy