Class fees are charged per term and payable in advance.  New children may attend 2 lessons payable in advance before enrolling for the remainder of the term.  All fees must be paid on-line in advance.  Late payments will incur a £10 administration charge.  Missed lessons are not refunded (except in exceptional circumstances), but can be made up in the same term if space permits.

Fees Autumn 2021

Classes Class Fee Term Fee


13 weeks

Nursery £8.50 £110.00
Pre-Primary £9.50 £123.50
Primary £10.50 £136.50
Grades 1 – 4 £11.50 £149.50
Intermediate Foundation £13.50 £175.50
Stretch & Pointe £9.50 £123.50

Adult Ballet (presently not running)

Private, shared or on-line coaching available By Request